Thai Massage – A Parody On Its Curious Double Standard


Caution : In case you would not need a sense of humor, then do not go through this Thai Care informative article.

Recently I checked the site of a leading US Thai Massage institution (I’ll not name them ) to discover what is necessary to create a post on their website. I like creating and submitting articles about Thai Massage and’ve been doing this for several years. I print them of my healing arts internet sites plus they’ve already been republished by countless different sites. After teaching and practicing Thai Massage in Thailand as well as other states for 1 2 decades and directing an online Thai Massage video practice faculty, I’ve a great deal of interesting topics to share with you. I wholeheartedly believed those credentials could put me a foot at the doorway.

Back to the Site of this Thai Care institution.ราชภัฏสวนสุนันทา  Their rules say that this guide can’t appear somewhere else, so they possess the rights to this guide, I must submit proof that who I’ve studied Thai Massage with, and I must submit evidence I had a specific quantity of study and clinic hours, and also a minumum of among my massage instructors needs to be approved by these as a skilled educator by their own standards.

I fell off my seat once I read that and chose to pursue various places. Too much problem in my own opinion. Nonetheless, it really is their website and their rules, and so they are able to create whatever rules they enjoy. I don’t have any problem with this at all.

You see, now I stay in Thailand, also we all have no many rules , of course when you can find too many or overly complicated rules, no one will bother to check out along any way. I realize it far less difficult to live together, but that’s only our perspective.

But this can be a funny thing: In case the identical rule-obsessed Westerners arrive at Thailand, suddenly all changes. They ask their beloved Thai Massage therapist at which she heard all of this great stuff. If she informs them that she heard it in the grandma, then the westerner will nod appreciatively and respect grandmother’s skills.

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