What to Do If You Don’t Get a Response Back From an Online Dating Email


You are now dating online but are unsure about how to navigate this particular dating medium. In this particular situation you were either the last to send an online dating Email or you made the first move in sending an online dating Email but you did not get a response. What should you do if you don’t get a response back from an online dating Email?

Wait and see if he will respond. For a relationship to exist then both of you must be involved with the other in some way or form. If you don’t get a response immediately then he may need a little more time to figure out what he wants from the relationship so don’t rush him but let a reasonable amount of time pass before you make any conclusions or take any action. If he eventually responds after weeks or months then the relationship that he wants may not be the one that you want and you will have to start at his level (infrequent and not too involving) or you may be dissatisfied enough to just ditch that particular man escort listings.

What do you want and what are you willing to do to get it?You probably didn’t get a response back from him because he is currently not as interested in you as you had hoped. Now that you know this, what do you want to do? If you still cannot get over your urge to communicate with him then send him a casual, light hearted and if possible humorous Email that lets him know you are fun and happy going without any heavy ‘I really like you’ stuff and see if that will get a response from him. This Email should NOT contain any heavy demands but it should be one with the clear message that you would like to continue communicating with him. If he still does not communicate then he may have no interest in dating you or he may even have stopped using that particular dating service in which case this relationship may be dead in the water.

Expand your Email opportunities.When you start your online dating or even in the early stages Email a couple of guys (3 or more) who meet the criteria that you are looking for and avoid zeroing in on one guy. Remember that you don’t actually know any of these guys and the whole point of the Email is to get the conversation going so if one of them doesn’t respond then it is not as devastating as when you were already fixated on one nice looking but unknown guy who blows up in your face. If one of them doesn’t respond then you keep the conversation going with those who respond and are interested in you.

Move on to other potentials. If you don’t get a response back then move on with your life and don’t let one rude and insensitive fellow put a damper on your dating life. Accept the fact that in the dating game there will be disappointments and this is one of them and cheerfully move on. There is nothing wrong with you and the fact he choose not to respond to your Email is his loss. Move on to those opportunities that are still available to you.

It can be devastating and disappointing when you don’t get a response back from an online dating Email, especially if the guy looked like all that you wanted but you need to date online strategically and with inner conviction so that non-responses don’t kill your inner drive to continue dating online. Now that you understand why he may not have responded to your Email then you will not take the non-response personally but you will keep dating online until you do get what you want…a guy who you honestly interact with and who shares your key values and joys in living.

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